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General Information

Opening Times

We are open 7.30 - 5.50pm Monday to Friday, please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to this time in order for handover and for staff to close the rooms. We are open 51 weeks of the year and are usually closed for some days over christmas and bank holidays.


Sickness Policy / Infectious Conditions

Parents will be contacted if their child becomes ill or infectious during a session and will be asked to collect their child as soon as possible. Exclusion is 48hrs for sickness and 48hrs for diarrhea (please see exclusion policy).



If a member of staff is able to see head lice on a child's hair the nursery will inform the parent and asked to collect as soon as possible to treat immediately. Children may return to Nursery once treated/ cleared of infection.


If you wish us to administer medicine please complete a medication form (found in the front lobby) and hand to the front desk staff. After medication is issued on a daily basis you will have to sign the form again to acknowledge we have carried out your instructions.


Data Protection Act 1998 

It is necessary to hold certain types of information about your child, if you wish to access the personal data about your child, then please see the Nursery Manager Susan Goodwin. Parents must be given free access to developmental records eg EYFS profile, however a written request must be made for personal files on children.


Complaints Procedure / Praise (copy procedure available on request) 

If you have any issues or requests regarding your child please do not hesitate to discuss with any of the staff or the Manager who will try to sort out the matter to your satisfaction. If you feel there is a serious cause for complaint you can contact Ofsted, Piccadilly Gate, Manchester M1 2WD 0845 6404040 . You can also contact Ofsted with praise about the setting which will be noted down for the next Ofsted inspection.


Safeguarding Children

The Manager (Lucy Hopper) is the Safeguarding children coordinator, All staff have received training in safeguarding children. The Manager is obliged to inform Social Care (social services) if there is a child protection concern about any child in our care. Policy and Development plan are in the Operational Plan in the reception area.



Our small nursery business relies on prompt payment of fees to pay overheads. Late payments seriously effect our cash flow. All fees are payable in advance not in arrears.


Accidents are part of every child's life. They explore and investigate and sometimes have accidents in the process. We follow strict Ofsted ratios at this Nursery but this is not a guarantee that accidents won't happen. Even on a one to one basis accidents occur. Please be assured the best possible attention is given to your child whilst in our care. All accidents are recorded and parents are asked to sign the accident form to acknowledge they have been told about the accident. If an accident occurred at home then you will also be asked to sign an accident / incident form for the Nursery.



Some children will go through a biting phase, especially young children who are unable to ex- September 2015 press themselves through language, although it may be expected it is not acceptable behaviour. The child who has been bitten will have lots of attention, a cold compress and the parent asked to sign an accident form, we do not give out the name of the child who has bitten to the Parents of the child who has been bitten and they will be asked to sign an incident form.


Settling in Procedure

Leaving your child for the first time can be an emotional experience for parents and you will be feeling anxious about leaving your baby/child with us. The most clingy stage is usually between 9-18months and your child may take a few weeks to settle. It is advisable to book your child in
for a few sessions on a graduated basis before they start but this is entirely up to you as you know your child best. Please speak to the staff for ideas on this. (Your first 2 hour session is free). We can arrange a home visit if you think this would be beneficial for helping your child to settle in.


Parental Involvement (please see policy and development plan)

We value your suggestions and ideas, we have many different ways for you to be involved if you wish, such as parents evenings, afternoons, coffee mornings. If you wish to speak to your child's key person or the manager at any time to discuss your child's development please ask. If you would like to receive information eg newsletters, child's reports by email, please give your email address to Susan. Feedback is important to us and you can give this by: exit questionnaires, face book review page, curriculum feedback forms, annual quality questionnaires and the visitors comments book, located in the reception area.


Policies and Procedures

We have extensive policies and procedures if you would like a copy of any policy please ask. (all polices are in the front lobby together with the operational plan).


Observations, records and reports 

Practitioners will observe and assess your child's education needs which will help inform the planning. The EYFS profile will be updated with these observations and given to school when they start. You may view these records at any time. There will be a report once a term which is usually given at the parents evening.


Carbon Footprint 

We recycle and re use when possible and use local suppliers. We recycle computer cartridges so please don't thrown them away bring in to us.


We have an optional polo shirt £7 and sweatshirt £7. If you would like to order any items please ask for an order form and return it to the office with payment .


Personal belongings 

All personal belongings remain the responsibility of the parent and Songbirds accept no liability for personal items going missing or due to damage either accidental or by a 3rd party.



If your child has special educational needs (SEN) then we are able to offer extra support either through our SENCO Lucy Hopper or the East Riding Area Senco.



Please use our website and Facebook page as well as our notice boards and newsletters to keep up to date with information.


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